For the past 35 years, the Animal Clinic of Pinedale has served Sublette County with unrivaled veterinary medical services. Founders Dr. Brent Dean and wife Joan Dean set out to provide comprehensive services to the best friends and livelihoods of their neighbors. They have remained dedicated to that mission to this day. Dr. Tina Gehlhausen joined the team in 2008, bringing a passion for equine medicine to compliment Dr. Dean’s, and since then introducing the science of veterinary acupuncture to the area.

The Animal Clinic of Pinedale is a fun, collaborative, and passionate atmosphere. The work done in this building is heartfelt and well-informed. Get to know the team of active and dedicated members of the community:

Dr. R. Brent Dean, D.V.M, owner


From what my parents have told me, veterinary medicine is something I was bound to do from the start. I have always been interested in animals, I’ve always had animals, and caring for animals has always been my focus. Joan and I bought the Animal Clinic of Pinedale in 1983, and we have found Pinedale to be home to great people and great animals. People know their pets well and take great care of them, and they are eager to work with us to help them. Over the years, the growth in technology available to us at this small, rural clinic has been wonderful. Everything from ultrasounds and digital radiology to in-house chemistry analyzers that we use now wasn’t available so many years ago. In addition to the exciting and collaborative ways we can serve the community and their pets, I personally love living in Pinedale for all the opportunities to enjoy the mountains and lakes.

Dr. Tina Gehlhausen, D.V.M.


My family and I moved to Pinedale in 2008, and we have found this town to be a great place to raise kids. It means so much to me that people bring their children, basically, through our door and we do everything for them: dentistry, soft-tissue surgery, diagnosing, and the follow-up with the same patient, and they walk out the door feeling better and you had a part in it. But in the same visit, people walk in and ask about me and my kids—people seem to care as much about my family as we do about their pets. The most exciting portion of veterinary medicine is that it’s always changing. In fact, adding acupuncture to our services here was huge, giving us another aspect of treatment that has been really beneficial. I look forward to continuing to bring new and important medical services to our home.

Joan Dean, owner


I have been with The Animal Clinic of Pinedale since its inception 33 years ago. It has been an exciting and educational experience. Watching all the pets with their people has been great fun.  I came to Pinedale after living in Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, and Nebraska.  After living in the Rocky Mountain West, I found it next to impossible to return to the Midwest, though it was a great place to grow up. I have raised two terrific daughters here and they, too, love the mountains. I am appreciative of the people of Sublette County for letting Brent, Casey, Kelsi, and me be a part of their lives.


Kelsi Dean, office manager


I was born and raised in Pinedale, but had to leave and check out other opportunities before I realized that this is exactly where I want to be. I went to school at Kansas State University (Go Cats!) and received a B.S. in animal science specializing in production/management, as well as a minor in business. Following graduation, I moved to Denver and worked at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital (featured on Animal Planet's Emergency Vets) as a referral coordinator. After a year and a half in Denver, my cat and I decided that the mountains were calling and we headed back to Pinedale.  I love working at a practice like ours because I get the chance to talk to every client, say hi to every furry friend, and utilize my education

Tara Barnes, veterinary assistant


I moved to Pinedale about 30 years ago with my mom. I left quite a few times and always came back, so I decided I must belong here. My husband, son, daughter, and three dogs all call Pinedale home with me. I have always loved animals, so I enjoy working at the Animal Clinic where I get to play with animals all day long. I also love learning, which makes this job a great fit. In fact, I just started my veterinary technician classes. We treat every animal that comes in to the clinic like it’s our own kid, our own fur-baby.

Kelsey Thomas, kennel assistant


My parents moved to Pinedale with the oil boom, and I stayed because I just love this quiet, small town so much. I really like the outdoors, and I share my outings with my dog, Huck, and my horse and pony. My goal is to be a veterinary technician someday, and both of the vets I get to work with here at the Animal Clinic are extremely nice and extremely caring. In fact, everybody here is friendly, helpful, bright, and cheery. Anyone should feel comfortable bringing their pets here for the same reasons I love working here.

Job Openings

The Animal Clinic of Pinedale is not currently hiring. Please check back and keep an eye on our Facebook page for job listings.